Move FORWARD, Not Just "On" After Spousal Loss.

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"Is this just My Life Now?"  #WidowLife

I remember like it was yesterday. Ears full of fallen tears, I lay there sprawled across my empty bed, staring up at the empty room, feeling dark and empty. Morning, again. 😔
I was supposed to be up by now, helping the kids get dressed, making lunches, ironing uniforms, checking their hw - but for the most part, I felt like: Today…I just CAN'T.
Can't get up.
Can't get dressed.
Can't deal with kids.
Can’t DO another DAY, being SO ALONE - Chauffeuring, Cooking, Cleaning, Nurturing AND Disciplining. 😖 #IHateItHere

The estimated number of widowed persons worldwide in 2020 is approximately 350 million, with the large majority, approximately 80 percent, being widowed women. 

Faking it for friendships?  Working like a drone from a 9-5? Drying the tears of your kids, but hiding your own?

Been There. Wash rinse repeat. Auto-piloting day in and day out, in this “new life” without my husband. 

I kept Thinking: I just CAN'T. 💣💔 

There HAD to be another way, another solution… a way OUT of this HELL I’d been banished to, this living like everything’s cool - while the jagged, torn edges of my heart just bled and hung loose, missing it’s most important piece. 

I was a widow. A (barely) surviving spouse.
That was MY LIFE - 9 years ago. Jason had been gone for over a year and yet I was at ROCK BOTTOM.
Losing hope. 
During the first year of bereavement, almost 22% of the widowed were diagnosed as having MDD; almost 12% met diagnostic criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; and there were higher risks of Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. 
I was suffering from depression (grief AND postpartum), anxiety attacks, overwhelm, single income “wake up calls”...
I was DESPERATE to just MOVE ON already. Fake it til you make it right? 😅😞...But that’s not how grief works.

Eventually I’d had absolutely enough - I decided to make a change. I wanted to WAKE UP... Where was MY adventure? 

I remember thinking: I refuse to waste what I have left living like THIS.

So I made a map + a method. 🗺️
And it WORKED. 🙌So I wrote a book about it📖
became a certified Life Coach for Widows
...but then I took it a step FURTHER...
"Content  is Nothing Without Context And Application" -  Mike Paul
With Online Coaching That's Also A COURSE.
Why a Course? Because I needed more than just "advice". 

I needed more than just to "feel good on the couch" with my therapist, and go back into the world - back to the REAL world - naked and afraid. 

I needed someone to WALK ME THROUGH the STEPS, and show me the LOGIC. Show me the REAL LIFE APPLICATION. Show me how to internalize this so I'd never be a ROCK BOTTOM again - I'd be able to RISE again ON MY OWN.

So I created the program I REALLY needed back then. 

I created #WIDOWAcademy - A course that EFFECTIVELY coaches widows to successfully Reboot, Find JOY again, Move Forward, and reclaim their LIVES -- with content, context, coaching and real life APPLICATION.

I'm Maya Tyler - and I'm asking YOU - ARE YOU READY TO MOVE FORWARD... NOT JUST ON? You ready to CREATE your #NEXTYOU? 

Heard enough already? Let's GO!
Let's Find Your #NEXTYOU, together.  

Checkout What Our Customers Are Saying About This Training Course
 "The one thing I learned that I would share with all widows out there is to make an investment in yourself like you would do if you came into a large sum of money. The only difference is that this investment would give you years of return because the deposits have great interests over time. Believe that you can truly bounce back better. I know I am!!"

-Florine H.

"Ever since stumbling into Maya's Facebook group, I have joined the program and become more alive and present in this life, with my kids, and in control of my future - no regrets!!!, so thank you.”  

- Jill S. 


"Your program provided me a mirror of the possibilities YOU SAW [in me] that I didn't see, past my grief and widowhood ...and that has helped me to validate the things that I’ve been afraid to lean in, and really step into!"
Will I be NORMAL Again? How Long Does It Take To Be OVER IT? Maybe I should BE OVER it by now...
Been there. My first mistake was wanting to be OVER IT before I ACCEPTED IT. Faking it and ignoring it, I learned "the hard way" that there is no OVER IT. Only THROUGH. "Through" takes acceptance.  In my journey learned TWO VALUABLE THINGS about acceptance - and they became the KEYS to moving forward. 

Want to know what they are? : 

#1:  Acceptance has two sides. The first is PASSIVE.
Passive acceptance is not what it sounds like. It definitely involves your participation! What it refers to is collecting all the thoughts of "I never"  "I should have" "I wish" and "If Only's" and realizing you cannot change some things. Being at peace with this takes practice and unpacking. This is something we do in the very beginning of our course to help you move through these feelings, so you can begin to accept that "normal" now is going to sometimes include pain, sadness, anger, etc, and that THIS is OK. It's not weird or crazy. And letting yourself feel it will not break you.

"I looked good but I was not OK. I had guilt, pain, anger, and anxiety about moving forward that I did NOT want to confront. I just stuffed it down and pretended. When I came into this program "Acceptance" was my BIGGEST struggle. I just couldn't believe he was gone and this was my life. I felt like "what's the point" when it came to moving forward, because how could I believe ANY thing was worth the time or effort anymore. This program CHANGED MY HEART. I am so grateful that I can BE HAPPY now - and I know the "point" of everything I do to move forward now - is because HE would want me to be HAPPY. Thanks to the program - I can finally let go and BE at peace."

-Jazz H.
#2:  The other side of Acceptance is ACTION.
Once you come to terms with what you CANNOT control, and what has to be accepted and worked through - you come to a point of realizing and pinpointing what you DO HAVE CONTROL over. And that is where the healing begins. Once you take responsibility for it, let go of the fear and create the BEST possible outcomes, and rebuild the confidence to GO AFTER IT - you realize you've accepted your plight ...and with you ACTIVELY steering - this new life can be BEAUTIFUL..

BBP helped me find the BEAUTY in my life again. There was so much focus on the anger, the pain, the loss, and I was isolating myself and fighting everyone. This opened my heart again. I'm doing ME now. A life I created that I never really thought was possible... And its actually kinda fantastic!

- Mindee J.
A LIVE program to help you create, realistically support, and take ACTION on a plan to rebuild your life after spousal loss.
  • Get Your Confidence BACK and Find Your Purpose and Passion again
  • Get Your Financial, Emotional, and Household "Entanglements" All the Way Together.
  • ​Be the "healing" Mom your kids deserve - so you can help THEM heal too.
  • ​Get CLEAR on HOW you can FIT into this New normal - and learn to LOVE your LIFE again. 
Course & Training Details
Step-by-step videos, checklists, deep dive activities to get you efficiently crafting your #NextYou over the next 60 days!
I'm not from Missouri (and neither was my grandma) but I'm quoting her favorite line when I say I'm from the "SHOW ME state".

So when I came up with the literal map that I needed when people kept saying things like

"Find yourself"
"Lean on your FAITH"
"This too shall pass"

I needed TANGIBLE steps and LITERAL applications of what the heck that meant and how I could USE it to heal and create my #NextMe in REAL life.

So I made the course that way. And you have lifetime access.

You're welcome ;)  
Live 24/7 support in our private community of course creators from around the world
  • Like minds grow faster TOGETHER. Find widow sisters to be accountability partners, support bffs, or just plain old "sista freiiiinnnnds" moving FORWARD!! Its all love here! 
  • Celebrate your wins from the week, and set new goals for the upcoming week. You'll love the supportive community of other widows!
  • Catch any guest coaching, bonus coaching or live QA’s from ANY of the previous weeks because they are ALL recorded here! 
1:1 AND Group Coaching Calls to get your questions answered LIVE and in PERSON.
Every lesson comes with a Video lesson from me - to break things down for you in RLA (Real life application) terms and walk through the lesson's activity with you.

Two heads are better than one!! In addition to your course training, get our new Head Coach Vioree Brandon for your 1:1 WEEKLY Wellness and Life Balance coaching!

Stuck? Struggling? Join me for our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls.

I'm 100% dedicated to making sure you succeed in creating a FEASIBLY, financially sound #NextYou that turns your LIGHT on and helps you feel motivated and rejuvenated.
Here's what you'll learn:
  • What is the 3A Method and how does it help me turn ANY setback into a SETUP for a comeback??
  • ​HOW can I HEAL what's MOST broken after losing my husband? 
  • ​HOW can I help myself WHOLISTICALLY, and get help without "feeling like a burden" to others?
  • ​What turns my LIGHT on and how do I find my PURPOSE in REAL LIFE?

“Omg I’m so happy with all the things I’ve learned working with Maya. I’ve learned REAL acceptance, I’ve learned about myself, who I AM now - and where I can USE that - not just what my LABEL is and what my circumstance look like. There’s a BIG difference, and I’m glad I can take that with me in life now, no matter where life takes me.”

- Aleisha G.
Get Clear, So You Can Move SMART.
  • What's in your ARSENAL? 
  • ​​HOW can you LEVERAGE your LIGHT? 
  • ​​Being BOTH SUPER MOM and SUPER YOU. Kid Grief + Rebuilding your HOME.

"The program has helped me gain clarity on what I had at my disposal, what I could develop inside myself, and what I wanted my every day to be like - and how to USE that information in REAL TIME to actually TWEAK my life to fit ME (instead trying to fit into the "autopilot" life I thought I was doomed to just "exist" in.) <3

- Tee W.
Bringing #NextYou to LIFE
  • Tap into Your SWAG Bank 
  • ​​Create the STEPS it takes to "LIFE-GETS-IN-THE-WAY-PROOF" your plans
  • ​Meet with the FREE FINANCIAL ADVISORY TEAM to make sure your #NextYou is FEASIBLE (and tweak it if not!)
  • ​TAKE ACTION (With HELP) on your #NextYOU ACTION Plan

"I went from depression and hopelessness to having a direction and actually working thru this grief thing. I am so proud of myself. I can't believe all that I’m doing and finishing every day now, with how I was feeling before. I look forward to my days. And that is a much bigger deal than I can express here.."

- Michele T
  •  2 FREE BOOKS: Bounce Back Better: How To WIN After Great LOSS by BBP Founder Maya Tyler + My New Starts Now​ by BBP head coach, Vioree Brandon 
  • Lifetime access to Online Course + any new material
  • FREE Access to Financial Advisory Team for personal budgeting, action planning and investment help
  • ​Bonus Vids Repository (Widow Diaries Series + Recorded Lesson Help sessions w/Former clients)
  • ​And even more extras!

This [program] was a needed process. Everything I’m going through you touch on it and you connect with me! I don't have this...where I can see and hear myself through someone else... with anyone else in my circle. You GET me. I feel normal. I feel okay. All the things I was afraid of, I can DO them now, because I have feedback from someone with more than just “advice” - you’ve DONE it. I’m not screaming in a vacuum - I get answers!”

- Lori P.

"Some widows say after being Widowed 10 years, it still feels like day ONE to them...But I can honestly say at 1 year in, thanks to the BBP... I'm not at ground ZERO anymore. I know how to LIVE now."

 - Chansley W.
Get the following when you enroll today...
Hidden Bonus Course Module:
($199 value)
I'm spilling ALL THE TEA!! Here is a personal, in-depth video series where I talk about my adventures, (misadventures), coaching points and lessons learned in specific areas of widowhood. We're talking 
  •  In Laws VS OUT LAWS
  • The "Single Mom" Label
  • Widow Fog + What You Need to Know
  • Kid Grief + Rebuilding My Home
  • ​And yes, The Widowhood Dating Game (Dun dun dunnnn!)
Hidden Bonus Course Module:
Interview With The Experts Series 
($199 value)
We don't know what we don't know, or what we need until we need it, Especially when it comes to widowhood, kids and money. Right?

Get access to another hidden bonus module inside the course that has exclusive video interviews with the experts in special interest fields that WIDOWS would need to talk to, get advice from– and wonder what questions to ask!

Included (and still growing)! 
  •  Interview w/ the Child Therapist
  • Interview w/ the Financial Advisor
  • Interview w/ the "Tax" Associate
  • Interview w/the Insurance Agent
  • ​Interview w/ the Guidance Counselor
When you PAY IN FULL, you'll also get access to:
Behind The Scenes: The Start-Up WidowPrenuer Master Guide
($549 value)
FULL Video + Note Slides on the actual decisions, steps and moves I made to fire my 9-5 and create a “business building a platform for my PURPOSE.”
This is how you'll find your PASSION and create your escape plan! Get the process and steps that made me a WidowPreneur - and freed me to be MORE me, and break free from what I thought my life HAD to be as a widowed mom.
  • No hours of Googling & guessing
  • No buying an expensive start-up training
  • No posting desperately in FB groups
  • No wondering what the "secret" is 
  • No get-rich-quick schemes
...Just EXACTLY what I did for REAL behind the scenes. 

"I would describe the coaching as amazing, thorough and ACCESSIBLE, which is awesome. The program is extremely supportive and motivating and the course provides the structure that I need. I'm SO grateful to have found all of the above!"

-Sheri G

I tried everything I could think of to reinvent myself on my own. It was crazy, I ran across this ad on facebook – and I was skeptical at first ( because I tried self help books, grief conferences and women empowerment seminars and all that) but THIS course showed me what I really needed – which was WHERE to start, specifically in MY situation and how to keep myself motivated in the middle of REAL grief life.”

A. Rossi
Here's what previous clients are saying:

[This Program] has has truly helped me to realize what I need to work on and what actually means the most to me according to my values and beliefs. I am so excited about what God has planned for me! This has been such a transparent time for me! God is truly work on me and in me! I am so proud of my progress so far but I still have a ways to go but I definitely say that I am NOT the same person today as I was when I started!

- K. Bethune

Easy to follow, fun to create my own map – but the biggest value for me was the financial team! The referrals to her personal advisor, tax specialist, benefits pro, etc. REALLY helped me out. He did all the money stuff when he was alive – we were definitely not thinking about wills and social security and stuff. I was clueless to how to get all that together and squared away for me and the kids. For the money, this was an awesome resource I think ALL widows NEED. Thank You!!”.

- w. Manfred
"Coaching to me is the greatest because your whole mind frame changes, and you feel so much better about everyday life. The light at the end of the tunnel is HERE.

Its worth every penny, every hour, every day. To all those who are apprehensive... JUST DO IT!"

-Shamika S.
Ready to get your 60 Day Roadmap to #NextYou? Let's do this!
Hi! I'm Maya Tyler. 

Since 2015, I've been writing, speaking and coaching about widowhood to advocate for, educate and inspire widows to get LIVING again, after loss.

I became a widowed mom of 2 young boys at age 27. My story was as upside down as could be - but I learned (and am living proof!) that there WAS A way forward, and that TRUE happiness going forward IS more than just possible again. 

I'm committed to helping people like you find your spark again, be the moms your KIDS need you to be, and love the life you can TOTALLY create. 

I'm here waving the biggest flag I can find to BE the SIGN you've been waiting for saying : YES - Even YOU can Bounce Back, BETTER.

14-Day Moneyback Guarantee
If you join #WidowAcademy, follow our 3A Method for 14 days, participate in the Q&A Calls and group feedback, implement and complete the action steps and don’t see results, we will provide extra coaching support to help you launch or issue you a 100% refund if we decide we cannot help you move forward successfully. 

A Few Comments From INSIDE The Course...
"I have become a better version of myself during this process. I am ready to continue to move forward."
“I am beginning to see myself differently. I am growing and learning in a weird different kind of way.
Wow Maya! This week was very helpful for me! Really understanding affirmations and what they actually look like has truly helped me. Thank you so much Maya for your great suggestions! Can’t wait to see what week 3 has in store
This lesson has been great help to me. I felt like it spoke “directly” to me!
This testimony of your loss is so real and truly authentic. I could feel all of your feelings and emotions. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life to help me and so many others. :-)
This was harder than I thought. I had to do some real thinking. Wow!
"It's one thing to be told that I am in control in a world that seems so out of control, it's empowering to be awakened to the steps it takes to feel in control.
this week REALLY showed things about my kids and how to be more supportive to them
That was interesting. I like to see where I've been for quite some time and I am proud of me to have grown this far to today...
YES - get into her book ya'll. I have read it twice!❤️
Frequently Ask Question
"I'm not a mom, but i am a widow. is this for me, too?"
Yes. Yes. YES!!! You have mostly the SAME ISSUES moms have - the only thing missing is the kids!! You still have emotional unpacking to do, you still can be overwhelmed with things you arent sure how to do alone, you still have financial woes - and you STILL need to figure out your PURPOSE and HOW you're going to find YOU now, after loss. Yes, girl. You are welcome here too. 
What if i feel selfish, creating a "Next Me" when its not just about me...?"
I get it. Believe me. I'm a mom of 3. But, you know that old airplane oxygen mask reference? "You Gotta SAVE you before you can SAVE the rest of your world". Taking care of you IS taking care of them - Because if you cant - Who else will? Invest in yourself.
"I don't have enough TIME to commit to a course! How Will I have time for this?“
Time is something NO one has to PLAY with. You know that better than most. What will YOU DO with your time, now that you know how much it counts? 60 days is gonna go by regardless…what are you doing with that time right now? Is it working?

Why NOT try something NEW ?
"What if I'm a BRAND NEW Widow?"
Not if you're not ready to get up, take action and move forward. There are many stages of grief, and if you haven't allowed yourself time to heal - you need that. No shame in letting yourself have that time to not necessarily have to be Captain Supermom... yet. Moving forward wont (easily) happen until you do. But when you're ready...I'm here!!!

"I was hesitant to enroll because I was sure that eventually I would "Come out of the grief haze". I was sure the guy I was dating would make me feel whole again and I could just move on. I was wrong. When I finally did it, [Enrolling in the program] it showed me how to build ME so that no matter what mess or moment I find myself in, I can depend on ME, my CORE VALUES and my purpose to rev me back up, remind me who I am and what I can do, and keep me feeling the most ME I've ever been. Thank you so much.

- Annalise E.
"Some widows say after being Widowed 10 years, it still feels like day ONE to them...But I can honestly say at 1 year in, thanks to the BBP... I'm not at ground ZERO anymore. I know how to LIVE now."

- Chan W,
Ready to Find Your #NextYOU?
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