The Bounce Back Project Presents: 
Widowed, Winning & Whole August 20-22 Retreat

What Does It Mean To "Come Full Circle"?

"When someone says they've come "full circle" with an experience in their lives, its the point where they finally find CLARITY and PEACE where before there was pain, anxiety and mental conflict. As a widow coach, and a widow myself, my work is about helping all our widowed sisters to get to that point in their grief journeys. "
- Maya Tyler, BBP CEO

"We built this retreat to offer a sanctuary for our widow sisters to take a break from "pushing thru" each day, release the scream that's been building inside, and begin the healing process with new perspective and position on the potential and promise this new normal may have to offer." 
- Vioree Brandon, H.E.RVision Founder
 Enrollment Is OPEN!

2021 Destination:
Queenstown harbor md 
These beautifully designed waterfront cottages have unobstructed 180º views of the Chester River and Chesapeake Bay in Queenstown, MD. We will be staying at the Chester Cottage, which is  spacious in size, located on a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, and perched off the beaten path, along the beautiful shores of the Chesapeake Bay.

Make peace with your new "normal", commune with your widow sisters, and take in the beautiful sights at Queenstown Harbor Maryland. We are doing beach walks, cleansing campfires, and just the "right" balance of activities and relax time to create a relaxing, healing and unforgettably "full circle" experience. 

What About COVID-19? 

We've Got You Covered.

Queen Anne County Maryland has reported* the 7th lowest numbers in new cases and death from COVID-19 cases in the state.  Numerous procedures have been implemented to keep everyone safe, including but not limited to: sanitizing thoroughly, creating social distancing with outdoor activities, maintaining a tested or vaccinated ( see COVID stipulations in the FAQ section below) limited number of guests for this exclusive retreat. With health and regulations in mind, the owner and staff have lovingly created a safe haven for us to visit. 

In addition to the safety measures, you can expect to receive the same over-the-top level of comfort and luxury as you would have experienced before the pandemic. 

Here's What We'll Be Doing.

Day One 

You'll arrive at a lush, green peaceful oasis at dusk, bags in hand and ready to relax. After check-in, you will have a choice to unwind and put your bags away, or do some light exploring, while the gourmet chef prepares dinner. As you take it all in, you'll notice we are perched on a beautiful shore, and can hear the waves gently lapping the sand outside.

 As we settle in, dinner is served, we will meet and greet, and end the night with a cleansing Campfire overlooking the water, where we will each tell our stories, bare our truths, and submit a special burning token to symbolize two important milestones:  One is letting go of the parts of this journey that no longer serve you - and the second is making room for the NEW, positive parts to come flooding in.

Day Two

Up with the sun! We will wake with sunrise Yoga along the Chesapeake shore, awakening our inner spirits of gratitude, self love, and capability of inner peace.
After Yoga, the chef has prepared a piping hot breakfast. Choose between light and healthy options, or indulge yourself with fluffy pancakes or Maryland style shrimp n grits! 
After breakfast we take a rest, and then scoot on over to our planned adventures for the day. You didn't come here to be in meetings and workshops, right? Good! Because even though we are learning here, its all about relaxation and play therapy! What will it be?

Could be sound healing with singing bowls, waterfront hiking, seashell crafting, meditative painting, a scavenger hunt - weather willing - definitely a combo of those! 
Point is, we will be unpacking some of our deep seated inhibitions, working through meaningful (and fun!) exercises while enjoying the sun, waterfront views, and easy breezes today.
Lunch and Dinner? Of course! These will be more palette pleasing creations from our personal chef,  with resting and reflecting time scheduled in between your day play activities. Never had a Maryland crab cake? Get ready. We do seafood RIGHT, down here on the Chesapeake - Old Bay seasoning in hand! - so they will definitely be part of our mouth watering menu options!
At days end, we will return to our Yoga mats and commune with the sunset. This will be our time to think about  what’s possible on your path and what your soul needs to embark on a new journey, and what new steps daily you can begin opening your heart to, that will lead to a life you can actually love going forward.
Early Enrollment Is OPEN!

Day Three

Today you have the option to sleep in, or come back to the sunrise with us for more sun soaked yoga

We will have another fabulous breakfast spread waiting for you, mimosas and all  - and during this last meal with your retreat sisters, we will gather connect a bit about how this trip may have impacted you: how maybe you made a new friend, or maybe you were inspired by other women as they shared their deeply personal stories,  or maybe what you learned in the heart lessons we completed the day before. 

After that - you're free to roam! We will have a fun and "widow pampering" themed vendor fair on the patio from morning till close, where you can get luxurious lashes applied and even have your own private photoshoot on the water!

When it's all over, the rest of the golf course, surrounding town sites and activities are yours to enjoy at your own pace. Explore the 205-acre preserve, stroll along walking trails or wander over 2 miles of waterfront scenery.

Get a taste of the eastern shore with the site's local partner, Black Water Distillery. Or utilize your Gold or Silver Package Paddle Boarding tickets at Dragon Fly Paddle and Fitness just 3 miles away! There's also the shopping! Queenstown Premium Outlets ® is a popular outdoor mall located across the street from the entrance to Queenstown Harbor. 
Getting Here
Long flights and face masks may feel a bit too soon and too much right now. Understandably so. However, depending on where you’re coming from, your flight will probably be quite short and reasonably priced.
Flights are not included in the registration, but I’m happy to assist you in finding an option that you are comfortable with. 

What's Included?
  • Private transportation: to/from scheduled Activities off site, and optional transport from (only) the Queenstown Harbor Site to BWI Airport on the last day of the retreat. The resort offers outside transportation services to other airports and destinations.
  • Lodging: 2 Nights at the Chester Cottage at Queenstown Harbor Golf Resort. Double Occupancy Rooms are included in Rate – You can indicate who you’d like to share the room with if you have a preference.
  • Dining:  Personal Gourmet Chef will prepare buffet style breakfasts and lunches, + plated dinner and desserts. There are nearby amenities and the resort has a menu that can be ordered from on site. See Resort Website Details.
  • ​Morning Waterfront Yoga, Singing Bowl Experience
  • ​3 Planned Play Therapy Activities + Supplies
  • ​"Clarity + Peace" Full Circle Journal 
  • ​Personal "Full Circle" Photoshoot (included in Gold Purchase Package only).
  • ​Sponsored Widow Pampering Themed Vendor Fair at the end of the retreat 
  • ​Personalized Swag Bags (based on purchase package), Special Gift at the end of the retreat 
  • ​ and of course, a few surprises... :)
What's NOT Included?
  • Flights or transportation into MD
  • ​Yoga Mats
  • ​Outside Shopping / Souvenir discounts
  • ​Other Spa, Yoga, Water, Transportation, Dining or Surrounding Packages offered by the Resort


Do I need to be Vaccinated For COVID-19 To Attend?
In order to maintain a safe environment, you MUST show a NEGATIVE COVID-19 test taken within 3-5 days of the retreat start date. Yes, Vaccinated or NOT.

How many people am I sharing a room with?
There are 4 different rooms available. One of the rooms has 4 "girls-night-sleepover-style" single beds, and the other 3 rooms have 2 double beds. If you have a preference, please let us know. First come, first served.

Will there be Alcohol?
As everyone will be 21 and over, select alcoholic beverages will be served as options during scheduled meals. There is also a Tavern on site, that you may visit whenever you like. We do ask that you do not bring your own alcohol, as we cannot be responsible for anyone consuming it under our watch. We also ask that all outside alcohol (from the Tavern or nearby patrons) stay where you bought it, or remain unopened until after the retreat if you're taking it home.  

Can I bring a friend?
Of course you can! That friend will need to purchase a ticket, so that we can count her into the activities, meals and lodging. We do ask, however that this friend also be a widowed woman, as this is a widows-only event for women.

Do I have to have been married to be a widow?
We don't judge relationships! If you have lost someone you considered your romantic life partner - and you are looking for a sanctuary to find peace with that tragedy, that's good enough for us. 

Is there a guarantee? 
We can't obviously guarantee you'll sprout wings and never grieve again. That isn't realistic. What we CAN guarantee is that you will have access to fun and mind opening activities, be among widowed sisters of all backgrounds, eat well, breathe deeply, and get that break you were looking to have from the everyday widow life. Sound fair?

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